Find out what’s a good Facebook purchase ROAS. The ROAS calculation, and find a ROAS formula that works for your Shopify store. Understand the deeper ROAS meaning (Return On Ad Spend) and how it’s a crucial piece of information really helping you keep an eye on the cost of your ads. ROAS calculates for you the total return rate of a specific campaign, ad set, or ad generated in sales on your website.

Facebook ads can be a painful journey of trial and error, not to mention a costly one. There is no such thing as an overnight success.

Facebook ads require experience to understand, and if done right, they can seriously help your business profit.

ROAS is short for return on ad spend. Don’t know what that means? That’s okay.

In this section, we’ll make sure you understand not only what is Facebook purchase ROAS, but what is a good ROAS for ecommerce Facebook ads.

ROAS, return on ad spend, is a marketing term. Return on ad spend simply is a calculation comparing how much you spent on your ad to how much money you made because of the ad.

Improving your Facebook ads ROAS requires time and patience. Following our six steps above should make the process simpler. It should also protect you from losing money to improper advertising techniques.

Know your audience, create click-worthy content, and track data. These are the keys to improving your Facebook ads ROAS.

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