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I am an eCommerce coach and a Shopify coach helping eCommerce businesses get consistent and predictable sales without having to waste money on ads and things that don’t work.

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“Growing an eCommerce business profitably and sustainably is hard. As an eCommerce business coach, my focus is to help you find untapped opportunities for your eCommerce business so that you can achieve incredible results using minimum effort” – Silvia Myers

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eCommerce Coaching And How It Works

Working With An eCommerce Business Coach

When it comes to eCommerce coaching, there are a few different approaches or schools of thought on how to work with an eCommerce Business Coach. For me, the really important part is that you’re passionate about your business and stand behind the quality of your products. The traffic and sales system that we’ve developed for our eCommerce coaching can help you grow your business fast without spending money on ads but we only work with eCommerce businesses that sell high quality sustainable products. So if you want to sell cheap imports in bulk and learn how to discount, another eCommerce business coach might be more suitable for you. If you think you’re the right fit, then I’d love to hear from you and we can deep dive into how this eCommerce coaching could help you hit your goals.  

Shopify Coaching And How Is It Different

Working With A Shopify Coach

eCommerce entrepreneurs who have their website hosted on Shopify often look specifically for Shopify coaching because they believe that working with a Shopify coach who understands the platform is going to be more valuable for them than just regular eCommerce coaching. Understanding how Shopify works is super valuable and yes, your Shopify coach definitely needs to have solid experience with the platform. However, what’s even more valuable when it comes to Shopify coaching that will help you grow your online business sustainably and profitably is understanding how to get traffic to your store and turn it into sales. Think about traffic as the eyes of your ideal customers and you need as many of them as possible. Also, you don’t want to attract just any customers to your store, but want to specifically focus on those who are ready and willing to pay premium for your amazing products. So if that’s the kind of Shopify coach that you’re looking for, l’d love to hear from you and let’s have a chat on how this Shopify coaching can enable the potential of your online store.   

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