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Shopify Mastery

Whether you want to turn your part-time eCom store into a full-time business, take your existing store to new heights, or you’re just starting out, we can help. This 6-week transformation program, backed up with 3-months of personalised coaching and a personal access to Silvia and her team, provides all the crucial elements and certainty that are vital to your eCom success!

Unlock My Proven 7-Figure System

The Secret Sauce of Successful 7-Figure eCommerce Business


Learn how to skyrocket the number of your ideal customers visiting your online store. Discover how to make sure you get the right eyeballs on the right offer, at the right time, for the right cost or even for free.


Double your current conversion rates by learning how to package and position irresistible offers. Learn how to get customers to like you and trust you – and pull out their credit card to purchase!


Can you read the story behind the numbers and understand exactly when to make what move or are you running your store blindly? Learn what makes up the DNA of eCom so that at any point in time you can fix what’s needed and pinpoint your next big opportunity.

What’s Included


Weekly Coaching Calls

Silvia personally works with you on your unique store, strategy and niche in weekly semi-private live coaching calls to make it certain you have everything you need to hit your goals


7-Figure eCom Strategies

Get access to specific and proven eCom strategies that Silvia uses with her top 7 and 8-figure eCom clients


Step by Step Training

Gain the core skills you need to attract new customers, optimize your conversions and increase sales and profits

shopify mastery

What We’ll Cover

#1 – Million Dollar DNA

Learn what is it that makes eCommerce tick. 

Discover what makes up the DNA of eCom so that at any point in time you can fix what’s needed and pinpoint your next big opportunity.

It’s a million dollar DNA system and once you know this you’ll be like WOW – how come I haven’t been doing this before. It’s so simple and yet only less than 3% of eCommerce businesses use this properly.

#2 – Turbo Charge Your Traffic

This is where you turbocharge your traffic. You’ll learn how to get the right traffic the most profitable way and learn about the most profitable channels that are overlooked. Remember, you’re not just after any traffic. Discover how to accelerate your ideal customers’ eyeballs, those who will not just click and look but those who will take out their credit card and make a purchase. 

#3 – Accelerate Your Profits

This is where we’ll be working on multiplying your profits. As you know, one thing is to generate revenue but a whole another thing is to drive sustainable profit. In this module, you’ll learn how to skyrocket your sales using free traffic resources and the most profitable sales channels. And the best thing, you’ll learn how to use all of these the right way to make it certain that it’s not just your revenue but also profit that keeps on growing.

#4 – Explode Your Online Conversions!

Discover the secrets of how to explode your conversions through the roof. You’ll learn how to drive sales into your business predictably and consistently. High conversion rates are not generated by accident and you’ll learn what the fastest growing businesses have in common when it comes converting more visitors to sales.

# 5 – Mystery Sales Multiplier Revealed!

After you’ve learned about the above, it’s really important for you to learn how to grow and scale profitably and multiply what you’ve got in a sustainable way so that you never have to worry about taking another plunge on your profit, income or earnings. .

#6 – The 7-Figure eCom Mindset

Understand what differentiates those people who make it to 5 figures from those who make it to 7 or 8 figures. Success is not an accident and I will show you exactly what is that you need to do and repeat to stay on top of your game not just for the next year or two but for a decades ahead.

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