Silvia Myers

2-Hour Virtual eCommerce Event

How To Add 50 – 100 Sales A Day To Your Shopify Store Without Wasting Money On Ads And Stuff That Doesn't Work!

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How To Add 50 – 100 Sales A Day

Attend Our 2-Hour Virtual Training and walk away with a STEP BY STEP SYSTEM to fast-track your ONLINE ORDERS & create a store that makes you money.

This 2-hour event focused on one thing only – to help you transform your store. Having had over 10,000 students come through our door by now, the success stories of those who attended have been amazing…
They loved the tools and takeaways on how to grow and scale their online stores….

The tactics on what to do to add 50-100 sales/day but also the mistakes to avoid preventing so many entrepreneurs from achieving their goals and living their dreams…

How We Convert Traffic To Sales Is Determined By What You Know…

You Need To Know:

How To Drive Highly Lucrative Traffic To Your Store

​How To Avoid Gambling Online And Instead Use A Proven System That's Guaranteed To Work

​How To Create VIRAL Facebook Ads In Minutes

How to DOUBLE your conversions using JUST 5-MINUTES of effort

How To Get To $100k/Month Even If You're Starting From Zero

The 3 Most Effective Tools That Will Skyrocket Your Conversions And You Can Install In Minutes

and much more…

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Who Is This 2-Hour LIVE Event For?

Now you might be wondering who is this for…

For those who are ready to take your online store to a whole new level

​For those who are ready to build a profitable and a sustainable business that looks after you and your families

​For those who are ready to roll up your sleeves and get stuff done together

For those who are after expert guidance with 100% accountability and 0% excuses

Who wants to rapidly grow and scale your store without the overwhelm…

Who just wants more sales

If that sounds like you…

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Meet The Team

We believe that whilst entrepreneurship is not always easy we can MAKE IT SIMPLE


We believe that EVERYONE CAN grow and scale their business without gambling and stuff that doesn't work…

And we also believe that EVERY ONLINE STORE CAN THRIVE in the current economy, gain an (un)fair advantage against their competitors and set themselves up for success… but they just need to know HOW

Silvia Myers
Silvia Myers
The 7-Figure System Master & Team Leader
Davin Char
Davin Char
Funnel Master & Creative Expert
Alessio Mezzetti
Alessio Mezzetti
Traffic Master & Facebook Ads Guru
Kristen Myers
Kristen Myers
eCom Tech Master & High Performance Expert
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Just started and straight away, I'm making money surrounded by like minded people & I'm confident when I know I'm using the system.



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Limited Spots Available – Save Your Spot Now! 

Disclaimer: Business results are individual and are not guaranteed. Some details have been altered to preserve anonymity. Bright Cherry Pty Ltd t/as Silvia Myers works with a proven system that has delivered great results over and over, however, individual results are dependant on a range of factors including the size and scale of businesses, along with the transformation effort and management sponsorship applied. Bright Cherry and Silvia Myers take no responsibility for individual business performance or changes in the economic environment. If you're looking for someone to build or rebuild your business without putting in any effort, this system won't work for you.

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