The 5 Things You MUST Know When Creating The Audience Size On Facebook

by | Aug 12, 2021 | Facebook Ads

Number one question people ask: “what´s the ideal Facebook audience size”?

Without a doubt, setting up the audience when creating your Facebook ads is what drives the most success behind your Facebook campaign.
The right audience can make or break the return on ad spend and in certain cases, it can also make or break the business. 

Unfortunately, many online retailers believe that it’s the size of the audience that matters the most. And this is not true.
The audience size on Facebook is very important but what matters the most is the ability to find your ideal audience as fast as possible so that you maximize your conversion rates and your ROAS (return on ad spend). 

If you’re looking for a step-by-step guide on how to set this up inside Facebook ads manager, just watch this video here.

The following takes you step-by-step through the 5 things you must know when finding and creating your ideal audience inside your Facebook ads manager.

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Go From Broad To Specific Audiences

To find your ideal Facebook audience size, the customer who is ready to pull out their wallet and buy products from your store, you need to understand the process of chunking first. Think of chunking kind of like going from something broad to something specific and the other way around.

For example, a car is an example of a vehicle which is an example of a type of transport. In this case, transport is the higher chunk (it’s more general). And the car is the lower chunk (it’s more specific). And then you can go even further and specify what type of a car, what model, what color, etc. I call this process chunking.

In the same way, we need to look for our ideal audience when creating Facebook ads inside our Facebook ads managers. 

For example, if you’re selling canvas prints then home decor would be a higher chunk and a canvas print with puppies would be a super low chunk.

The secret to finding the perfect audience on Facebook is in creating an audience that’s not too broad. To make sure people are interested in what you’re offering. But also not too specific. Because then the facebook audience size will be too small. Which will make it expensive and you will soon reach a cap in there.

Pro-Tip: Keep it simple. Only test ONE interest in ONE ad set, it will be the fastest way to find out what's working. And eliminate what's not and help you achieve your ideal ROAS much faster.

ideal facebook audience size

Not Every Facebook Audience Size Is Equal

The second thing is that you’ve got to start thinking of who these people are. What’s their history and how likely are they to buy your product. The smaller budget, the more careful you’ve got to be to follow a systematic approach. So you don´t gamble your money away.

The one option I always appreciate inside the Facebook ads audience set up is the ‘engaged shoppers’ option inside your Facebook ads manager.
Selecting the ‘engaged shoppers’ option allows you to target only people who have a history of clicking on Facebook ads. And completing the exact step the Facebook ads were optimized for. That’s typically your ideal audience. As you don’t want to waste your money on people who like your products but are never going to buy.

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The Facebook Audience Size Does Matter

So finally we’re talking about the audience size on Facebook. For conversion campaigns in eCommerce, you don’t want to go too broad as it won't be accurate and also not too specific as it won’t be able to perform for you. So somewhere in the middle is something to aim for. 

But yes, the question is – what’s in the middle when it comes to the audience size on Facebook? 

ideal facebook audience size

While the ideal audience size varies from business to business and budget to budget. The general rule of thumb is not to go below 1M in audience size. And not to go above 10M, this is particularly when you’re first starting out. Remember that Facebook ads work on an algorithm that’s continuously learning.
So you need to give that algorithm space to find similar people inside the pool you’ve suggested. But also not give that algorithm too much space as it won’t know where to spend your Facebook ads budget. It will actually get confused. If you’d like to see how this looks inside the Facebook ads manager, just have a look here.

Facebook Ads Audience Set Up Hierarchy

I’ve seen some online retailers get so focused on the ideal Facebook audience size that they forget about the quality first. Remember, your first mission is to find the ideal audience and hence someone who is interested in what you’re selling. Therefore, worry about the location and demographics as the last priority when setting up your audience on Facebook.

The most successful conversion campaigns I’ve seen focus on the audience interests’ first and how they’re relevant to the products on offer. Then the countries where they want to target this audience. And only then worried about selecting any specific locations or demographics.

Frankly, nine times of ten, I personally don’t even bother selecting any specific locations. Or even demographics for my Facebook ads and just go for the interests and countries.

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TIP: Testing Your Facebook Ads Audience Is A Must

Remember, that unless you’re using a systematic approach, you might be gambling your money away.  So my tip is to always test everything you do. And the same goes when it comes to Facebook ads audiences. Just because you select one interest that might be relevant, it doesn’t mean that your Facebook ads will skyrocket and you’ll get a great return on ad spend.

In fact, placing all of your eggs in one basket and therefore putting your whole budget onto one audience on Facebook is not something I would recommend doing. Ideally, you want to have at least five to seven audiences set up in parallel to one another.
I suggest you make them similar in size and yet different in terms of the interests they are targeting. This will be your fastest way to a successful launch of your ideal Facebook ads audience.

If you’d like to know more about this topic or would like me to walk you through this process step by step inside the Facebook ads manager, just watch this short video on how to set up your audience size on Facebook. 

– Silvia Myers

PS: Comment below if you have any more questions or any thoughts on this. I’d love to help.

Silvia Myers

Silvia Myers

eCom Expert & Shopify Coach

Silvia Myers is an eCommerce coach helping online stores achieve incredible ROAS (return on ad spend) through digital marketing and online selling platforms.


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My 7-Figure eCommerce Blueprint taking you step by step through online selling, how to get a great ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) and how to take your Shopify store to a whole new level.

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